“Dismantling Lies & Restoring with Truths” Series: Part 1

If you’re just checking in to this blog, this post is the first of a new series the Lord has put on my heart. For the details, you can check out my previous entry by clicking this link.

I’m gonna try and keep each entry pretty simple and straight forward. So here goes the first one:

General Lies/Accusations: No one enjoys being around you. No one wants to hang out with you and if they do, it won’t be long until they get sick of you and want to move on. You’ll most likely be rejected when they find out what you’re “really” like. You have nothing to offer.

Truths: You are desirable because Jesus desires you (John 17:24). He felt that way BEFORE you said yes to Him, as a messed up sinner who hated Him (Rom. 5:8). His desire isn’t based on you having your act together. It’s an eternal and everlasting love that we can’t argue with (Jer. 31:3). You are so enjoyable to be with that the Father wants to spend quality time with you all the time (Matt. 6:6). He doesn’t ask us to meet with Him in the secret place because He wants to give you another rule. He loves quality time with you like any Father loves quality time with their kids! And if that’s not enough, you have to be pretty good company for the living God who has Genesis 1 on His resume to settle down inside of you and build a home there (Jn. 14:23).  And this just might be my favorite truth to pull out in the face of the lies that make me feel like I have nothing to offer:

“How beautiful and pleasant you are, O loved one, full of delights!” (Song. 7:6)

Trust in His delight and enjoyment over you and watch all those fears of rejection and lies about who you truly are melt away in the truth of His love.


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